First of all welcome to our blog. Hope this will be an alternative to the newsletters that are conspicuous by their absence;) A little about what's happening this summer at Tatanka Parts. But we start by celebrating Midsummer here in Sweden...

On June 21, we celebrate Midsummer in Sweden. Which means that we will be off from Thursday at 1pm and will be back  on Monday 24 June.

In the summer and it's nice to have a little time off, and it's noticeable that you're busy with your cars. Maybe you should go on holiday or take the opportunity to fix your cars when you are free.

And from experience, it's good if we at Tatanka are not free when you need us the most. Therefore, we will try to be on site as much as possible and send your orders. However, my colleagues in the workshop will be free. So when it comes to used items, there may be slightly longer processing times than usual.

But expect slightly longer treatment times overall. If you want to hurry us up a bit, please send an extra message.

Do you want to visit us? Send an email before so we can be sure to be there.