About us

Tatanka Parts runs today by Claes, who is the founder of the company, and his daughter Sofia.
Claes has over 40 years of experience with these cars. And, therefore, was asked to take over the spare parts store from Volvo 2009. This became a success and we have been able to support customers all over the world with spare parts.
In 2013, Sofia also began working part-time, and now works almost full-time.
With our solid inventory of spare parts, we offer a wide range and high-quality support.

We have about 60,000 items in stock. However, not on our website. But we are working on getting as much as possible up on the web-shop.
Everything from original parts (NOS), used to a comprehensive new production. Our goal is to provide everyone with the parts you need. In order for you to have the cars rolling and safe.
Many of the parts are difficult and sometimes impossible to make. Mostly because new production usually requires a large quantity. And sometimes it's hard to motivate. But we do our best.
When an opportunity arises, we also buy cars to disassemble, unless they are in such a condition that it is possible to freshen it up and sell forward.

A little curiosity about Claes and Sofia

Claes has been a number of occasions, one of the participants in Paris Dakar. Together with a Danish / Swedish team. In the first place as project manager in the building of the car itself. The first time was 1989 with a Volvo 303. When they under the Danish flag during one of the longest Dakar competitions.
A few years later 2003-2005, again under Danish flag, with a rebuilt Volvo xc70. There the chassis came from a Volvo 303.

Sofia, on the other hand, is novice when it comes to cars. But start slowly but surely learn where the parts you ordered will be on the car and how it works. Trying to see the pattern in your orders, to see if it may need to be filled in or maybe purchased a corresponding part. Sofia tries to take over more and more so that Claes can go on a caravan trip with his wife.
When Sofia is not at work she is at home with the family. But she likes to sit on the couch and  knit or be outside and botanize in the garden. She plans to become a partner soon.

Mats is Claes' brother and invaluable in the workshop. He is with us three days a week, so that the rest of the week he has time to play with his own cars at home in the garage. Shares many fun stories from when they were young and made a lot of fun together.

We also have a guy who helps us when needed.

Roger comes when he can´t dig in the ground and when the excavator stands still. He is a super mechanic and has an eye for problem solving. Is incredibly good when it comes to special buildings in motorsport. Such as Challange and Trophy.

Together we are a good team that complements each other.

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